What We Do

MeBIC is Maine’s only resource dedicated to providing information, education and advocacy on immigration and related issues from the business and economic perspective.

  • MeBIC brings together business, higher education, and economic development leaders who recognize that immigrants strengthen our State’s  economy and communities, to focus on fostering conditions to attract, retain and integrate immigrants in Maine.
  • MeBIC provides Maine business community with information and analysis on the impact of initiatives and legal and policy developments at the national, state, and local levels that may enhance or hinder Maine’s ability to welcome immigrants into our communities and our labor force.
  • MeBIC makes recommendations about best practices, collaborations, initiatives, policies and laws that will better position Maine to compete for the immigrants we need for a diverse workforce and communities.
  • MeBIC facilitates engagement by Maine’s business, higher education, and economic development leaders to support changes, including immigration reforms at the federal level, to ensure that immigrants are welcome in Maine and can contribute to their maximum potential as workers, entrepreneurs, consumers and engaged citizens.