Book List: 60th Anniversary Edition of JFK’s “A Nation of Immigrants”

As immigration continues to be a flashpoint political issue, this updated edition of John F. Kennedy’s A Nation of Immigrants released on the 60th anniversary of its initial publication, is a timely read despite the intervening years.

This new edition has been updated to include information on current immigration policies, according to publisher Harper Collins.

Why read this now?  Here’s one reader’s review:

(T)hough some of his numbers are out of date, the themes, subject, and his pragmatic arguments are timeless. I found myself reading and smiling with disbelief with how relevant this whole book is and how beautifully entwined he mixes history with compassion and historical backing. When I read it I was impressed with how never ending and cyclical the immigration debate really is. The only thing that seems to change is what nationality or group is coming here and how people react to them. I highly recommend any and all people interested in this subject to read this book, which shouldn’t take more than a few hours. I admire Kennedy a great deal and am grateful I bought and read this small treasure. While I was reading it I often found myself imagining and wishing he were across from me, coffee in hand, to discuss todays problems and his views on how to solve them.