Canada to Increase Immigration Goals in 2021-2023

Canada has announced that it will increase its immigration target numbers from 350,000 per year, to over 400,000 annually from 2021 to 2023.  With these numbers, new immigrants will represent an aggressive 1.2% increase in Canada’s population each year.

The increase in part makes up for COVID-19 disruptions in meeting Canada’s immigration targets in 2020.   But Canada’s Immigration Minister also pointed out the critical importance of immigrants not only to Canada’s economic recovery from the pandemic, but for its future labor needs, particularly in the healthcare and tech sectors, and in skilled trades..

It paints a vision for the future where we see immigration as one of the keys to our economic recovery and our long-term prosperity.

For more about how Canada views the importance of  immigration to its communities and economy, read this op-ed by Canada’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino.