Maine’s Shrinking Labor Supply Hitting Businesses Hard

A recent article in Mainebiz  describes how Maine’s workforce shortage is challenging a variety of Maine’s employers and industries.  Offering higher wages, signing bonuses and more robust benefits packages isn’t enough to fill all the job openings that exist.

The article makes clear that Maine simply needs more people, and it identifies immigrants as part of the solution.   This echos what economic and business leaders have been saying for years, including Coastal Enterprises, Inc., and the Maine Development Foundation with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce.

A new State Legislative session will be underway in January 2019.  MeBIC will be working to support legislation to help Maine welcome immigrants and facilitate their ability to contribute to their fullest potential as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs and taxpayers.  In addition, MeBIC will advocate for federal policy changes so that immigrants with temporary or limbo status living in Maine, such as those with DACA, TPS or undocumented status, will have a path forward to apply for permanent residency, and can remain as productive members of our communities.