Polls Show Most Mainers, and Most Americans, Oppose the Border Wall and the Shutdown

A recent poll of voters in seven states, including Maine, found that a majority of voters oppose the border wall, and disagree with the government shut down over its funding.

Over 60% of Mainers polled oppose the shutdown and would support Congress voting to fund the government without providing wall funding.  Over 60% of Mainers polled would also oppose President Trump declaring a national emergency in order to build the wall.

The recent survey’s results are in line with multiple polls of the issue in recent months, with majorities  nationwide  consistently disagreeing that the U.S. needs the border wall.  A plurality agree that the U.S. needs more immigrants, not fewer, and strong majorities believe that the U.S. should allow undocumented immigrants to have a path to legal status.

Polls indicate that Mainers and the U.S. public in general are far more sensible about immigration policy than those who are holding the government hostage over the border wall.