Portland Office of Economic Opportunity Launches New Plan and Website

The City of Portland’s Office of Economic Opportunity has concluded a year-long effort to develop a plan to ensure Portland’s continued “welcome-ability” and to help area immigrants reach their full potential through city efforts to foster their civic, economic and social inclusion .  You can read the plan here.

The effort, in collaboration with the Portland Community Chamber of Commerce, and supported by a Gateways for Growth challenge grant backed by MeBIC partner New American Economy and Welcoming America, has also resulted in a new website where immigrants in Portland can find resources and employers and immigrants can connect.

Portland is an increasingly diverse city, attracting  immigrants who are vital to Portland’s social fabric, and to its population and economic growth, as highlighted in this report.    MeBIC applauds the City’s efforts to be a more valuable resource for the newcomers who represent the future of Portland, and Maine.