Recent Polls Show Broad Bipartisan Support for Immigration

A recently released June Gallup poll shows strong support for immigration to the U.S., despite pervasive rhetoric from the Administration that would indicate otherwise.

The June poll found that 75% of the U.S. public thinks immigration is good for the country, with the number increasing to 84% when the question was modified to specify “legal immigration” instead of just  “immigration”.  Only 19% of respondents disagreed, a figure that declined to 13% when the question asked about “legal immigration.”

Eighty percent of those identifying as Republicans or leaning Republican, and 92% of Democrats or leaning Democrat saw immigration as positive for the country.

Furthermore, strong bipartisan majorities stated that immigration should remain at its current levels or should increase.  Only a minority felt we should decrease the number of immigrants coming to the U.S.

A June Quinnipiac poll drilled down on specific issues and found that a strong majority (79%) favors providing a path to citizenship for those at risk of losing protections following the the Administration’s recision of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, including 61% of Republicans and 94% of Democrats.   Sixty-eight percent of those polled favored allowing undocumented immigrants generally to stay in the U.S. and have a path to citizenship, with another 9% saying they should be able to stay but not get citizenship.   Fifty-eight percent oppose building a wall on our southern border, albeit with a sharp divide among Republicans (77% support the wall) and Democrats (91% oppose the wall), and 66% oppose separating children from their parents who have crossed the border.  Similar to the Gallup poll, strong majorities (79%) felt that legal immigration overall should either remain at its current level or increase, including 68% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats.

The polling results above are closely mirrored in other  recent polls conducted by CBS, Pew Research Center, and CNN that are collected here.

Collectively, the  polls indicate a vast disconnect between the Administration’s stance on immigration and the mainstream public’s views.   The Administration’s immigration positions cater to a minority of the country that wants to turn its back on our immigrant heritage, and our centuries-long track record of immigrants – regardless of whether they came seeking refuge, or to reunite with families, or to work – bringing new energy, creativity and productivity to our communities and our economy.

Across the country, the businesses and chambers of commerce are stepping up to oppose proposed legislation and administration policies that are aimed at pushing out immigrants who are already here, such as ending DACA and TPS for certain countries, which will force over a million members out of our communities and our workforce, or at reducing immigrant arrivals.    These measures will make our nation less diverse, vibrant and prosperous.  The poll results are an encouraging indicator that the majority of the public is likely to stand with businesses that speak out to oppose  anti-immigrant bills and policies.