Report: The “Invisible Wall” – Harmful Immigration Changes Since January 2017

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has released an important new report, Deconstructing the Invisible Wall: How Policy Changes by the Trump Administration are Slowing and Restricting Legal Immigration.

While some Administration actions such as the “Travel Bans,” termination of the DACA program, or deportations that have broken up families have captured headlines, many others have happened out of the public eye, but with devastating results.   Deconstructing the Invisible Wall explains the broad array of measures taken by the Executive Branch, without the need for Congressional action, that have constricted the pipeline of those legally eligible to immigrate or come temporarily to the U.S., and contributed to an image abroad of U.S. hostility towards foreigners that discourages some from even wanting to come visit, study, work, or live in the U.S.   Read the report here.