Immigrant-Dense Areas Better Off Economically

This piece in Bloomberg looks at data from states with high densities of immigrants compared to states with lower densities, and then examines factors such as personal spending and job creation.   It found that “states with the greatest concentration of immigrants create the most jobs and biggest increase in personal income. Where immigrants are relatively scarce, states generate the fewest jobs and smallest rise in income.”

The relationship between prosperity and immigrants — authorized or not — is definitive, according to data among the 20 largest states compiled by Bloomberg….

Strong regional economies with lots of jobs, high wages (sic) other advantages naturally attract migrants looking for opportunity. They then become an essential force in extending prosperity in the places that welcome them.

As Congress debates  bills to legalize those who came here as children or who have long held Temporary Protected Status, it’s nice to be reminded that  their passage would be a win not only for these immigrants, but also for the U.S. economy.