Immigrant Entrepreneurs Stimulating Maine’s Economy

MaineBiz featured MeBIC Board Member Quang Nguyen in this June 11th article profiling several of the many immigrant entrepreneurs making their mark on Maine’s economy.

As we’ve noted previously, immigrants nationwide are highly entrepreneurial.  In Maine, MeBIC partner New American Economy found that as of 2010, the percentage of immigrants who are entrepreneurs exceeded their percentage of our population.  That year, immigrant owned businesses employed over 14,000 Maine residents while generating nearly $70 million in business income.

Maine, and our nation, need policies that will encourage immigrant entrepreneurialism.  The Administration is currently proposing to eliminate a regulation enabling certain immigrant entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures here in the U.S who otherwise could not do so.   We should be harnessing immigrant entrepreneurial energy, not pushing it out the door.  Contact MeBIC if you are interested in opposing this change by submitting a comment before the June 28th public comment period deadline.